Management & Services

With the various local marine services businesses available it can be difficult to make an informed decision about who to use on what project let alone the time it takes to obtain bids, schedule and oversee the work being performed. We can manage this process for so you don’t need to spend your valuable time ensuring work is completed properly and on schedule.  We will only recommend known licensed and insured professionals that offer a fair price. We will work with these contractors to see that jobs are completed in a timely manner, and we will verify work when completed before you pay your bills. If you’re an out of town owner we can make certain that your vessel is properly maintained and ready for your use when in town and properly stored and maintained after you leave.

We provide specialized captain and crew services, as well. Whether you need driving and navigation instructions, yacht delivery, or a captain and crew to lead you on an exotic vacation, we are always available so you can relax and enjoy the ride buy plavix online .